Medical Exams.

4299075534 31d04e94ce_bIf you are new to Canada...

And, if the duration of your visit to Canada is six months or less, generally, no medical examination is required.

However, a medical examination is required if you intend to work in an occupation in which the protection of public health is essential. You can find a list of these occupations by clicking here.

If the duration of your visit is more than six months, you will need a medical examination if:

  1. You have resided or stayed temporarily for six or more consecutive months in a designated country or territory in the one year immediately preceding the date you sought entry into Canada. This applies even if you are a citizen of a country where you do not require a visa to enter Canada.  Find a list of designated countries by clicking here.
  2. You are coming to Canada to work in an occupation in which the protection of public health is essential.
  3. You are applying for a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa.

For more information, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website:

For everyone...

It is critical to get an annual check up from a health care provider.  Even if you're healthy, it is good to screen for potential health risks and detect them before they become a bigger issue.

To determine how often you should book an exam and what you should get checked, click on the following links:

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